Episode 09 - Headstone: That Insidious Thing

This is the first story I ever completed, but it's taken awhile to get it out. Because it's so personal and close to me, I think I've been apprehensive about having others hear it, and - let's be honest - judge it. 

This story is told by my Nan, Mary Hill, about a love story that began close to 70 years ago.

Music by Kent Sutherland.

Thanks to Leila Brook for quality control.

Pictures to accompany the story can be found here.

Episode 08 - Headstone: The Chinese Mystery

In the north-east corner of the Melbourne General Cemetery, are 100 headstones contained within a chain-link perimeter. They are uniform, and each feature only a Chinese name on them. There are no dates or messages from families.

Join me as I uncover the story behind this memorial.

Music by Kent Sutherland.

Special thanks to all my interviewees, and Andrew Wong, Sunny Duong, and Jon Tjhia.

Pictures accompanying the story are here.

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