Episode 12 - Headstone: All Things Bright and Beautiful

Our understanding of death is not just informed by the people around us. Animals also play a role in our experiences of mortality.

For this episode, I put together three stories exploring this theme.

Music by Kent Sutherland.

Thanks to Leila Brook for quality control.

Pictures accompanying the stories can be found here.

Under the Monkey Forest featured Nyoman Buana and was recorded at The Ubud Monkey Forest Sanctuary

Additional sound was sourced from freesound.org and the clips included can be accessed here, here, here and here.

The Ballad of Floppy and Flip-Flap was written and read by Clint Greagen. Go to his website to learn more about Clint and to get his new fiction series, Some Kind of Superstar.

Clips sourced from freesound.org were used and can be accessed here and here.

Monk The Legend featured Caroline Higgins, who is a practising celebrant in Melbourne. Learn more about what she offers and how to make a booking with her, through her website.